Apr 16th
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Home MAGAZINE Career Advice Caitlin Wachs: Daughter in Chief

Caitlin Wachs: Daughter in Chief

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Where You’ve Seen Her: Commander in Chief

Soon to be found in: College (literally)
We all had pie in the sky dreams when we were young, wanting to be famous, to be a movie star, to live forever. Of course, most of us never reached that dream, those clouds in the sky. But Caitlin Wachs isn’t most of us. In fact, she’s pretty much different from any of us. After all, how many of us managed to make it in front of the bright lights of ABC before we even got to college? I guess that’s a rhetorical question, considering that if you’re reading this, you’re sitting in class at your college. Either way, Caitlin’s great!

So, on Commander in Chief, you played the president’s daughter. Having done it for about a year or so, would you now think it’s harder to play the president’s daughter or to be the president’s daughter?

Definitely to be the president’s daughter. It was a fun role to play because of the Secret Service running around and people mauling me. Then again, it was fun playing it. If I had to deal with that in real life, I’d be like, “That’s it, I’m done! See ya! I’ll be hiding in a bunker with Cheney.”

Did you have the opportunity to meet the Bush Twins before starting the show?
I haven’t still, but I did use my imagination a lot. And, obviously, I’ve seen all the tabloids saying, “The Bush Twins are drunk!”

If you had gotten to meet them, and even gotten to hang out, what drinking game do you think they would’ve forced you to play?
Honestly, I think it would’ve been Quarters. I have to say, I’m not a big Bush fan. But, I love the womens’ fashion sense. One of the Twins was spotted wearing this antique Ralph Lauren dress and it was this really beautiful yellow, and then she had some Nike zip-up sweater over it. When you’re the president’s kid, it’s okay to make some fun fashion statements. We’re missing Jackie, so at least we have the Bush Twins now.

Geena Davis portrayed the president on the show. Unfortunately, Commander in Chief was canceled. Do you think that’s a sign that perhaps America might not be ready for a female president?
I think it’s more of a sign that networks are a little afraid to push the envelope, Everybody’s always like, “Oh, yes! More sex! More drugs! More drama!” and they claim to be pushing the envelope. It was a very risqué show to be playing right now. We didn’t take a Democratic or Republican stance, but we definitely had more liberal tendencies on our show. The networks try to play the middle, but I think having a woman in there is simply a liberal thought.

Do you think the show would’ve survived if the Democrats would’ve been voted back into Congress sooner?
It’s an interesting thought. I guess it possibly could’ve helped if there was that shift. Things happen for a reason and hopefully those who saw the show will be like, “Yay! If a woman ran, I’d vote for her.”

Lastly, I was looking over your career stats, and there’s just one thing I need to know. Aesthetically speaking, which of your films do you think conveyed the most powerful message, Air Bud: World Puck or Air Bud: Seven Inning Fetch?
Honestly, I feel a little more of me was invested into the Seven Inning Fetch, because that’s the one where I get handed the responsibility of the dog. So basically, Josh goes off to college and says that I have responsibility of Buddy. But it’s really all about baseball.

How the hell do they get the dog to do all that crazy stuff? I’ve never ever seen anything like a dog playing baseball.
I don’t mean to hurt you, but they actually had seven dogs. I just shattered all these childhood dreams, huh?

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